SIRO Broadband - 1Gbps download speeds throughout Ireland

by Daniel Baratu - Thursday, 14th of March 2019 at 20:56 GMT
SIRO Broadband - 1Gbps download speeds throughout Ireland

With more and more towns and cities getting added to the SIRO FTTH network, 1Gbps Internet connections are becoming available from many providers throughout Ireland. I've put togheter a price comparison list to outline the available products from the top 3 nationwide providers.

At this time, all SIRO providers offer 1Gbps speeds on 12 month contracts with various prices for the first few months of the contract but for clarity I listed the total cost per year. For comparison, I included Virgin Media which have recently introduced a 0.5Gbps service over their classic cable network, and eir which also offer a FTTH product.


Provider Broadband Speed Price first 12 Months Price after 12 Months
Digiweb up to 1000Mbps €570 per year €660 per year
Vodafone up to 1000Mbps €456 per year €660 per year
Sky up to 1000Mbps €480 per year €660 per year
Virgin Media up to 500Mbps €648 per year €828 per year
eir up to 1000Mbps €780 per year €1068 per year

Please note that prices are for new customers only and some providers may charge an installation / activation fee. For full product details and terms & conditions, please contact listed providers.


About SIRO

“Together with Vodafone, ESB is investing almost half a billion euro in SIRO to deliver the most powerful broadband service ever available in Ireland by running fibre technology alongside some of our overhead and underground electricity lines. This is the first project of its kind in Europe and will ensure a fast and cost efficient roll-out to every county in Ireland, reversing the digital divide between the capital and regional towns – a potential legacy that we can all be proud of.” - ESB 2015 Press Release

For more info on SIRO visit

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