Netflix and LoveFilm Review

by Daniel Baratu - Friday, 18th of May 2012 at 08:34 GMT
Netflix and LoveFilm Review

I've been using Netflix occasionally for the past 5 months. With Netflix you get access to everything in its library with one flat monthly fee of €6.99 which is great. Unfortunately, Netflix’s movie collection isn't that big so I pretty much watched all the good ones.

To watch Netflix I used my Xbox360 but my 'smart' Blu-Ray Player also provides the LoveFilm app so I thought I should try it, after all, like Netflix, first month is free. LoveFilm costs £4.99/€6.35 per month but has a larger collection of streaming movies plus pay-per-view for the latest blockbuster releases. The problem with LoveFilm is that it's not available in Ireland! So even after I used a UK address the service would not play any content.

Then I heard that you can trick many internet streaming services like Netflix or LoveFilm or Hulu to thinking that your location is somewhere else than it actually is. This works by using a custom DNS address on your Xbox/PS3/PC. In other terms by doing this your Xbox/PS3/PC will connect through a proxy located in USA/UK/etc. and in return Netflix/LoveFilm/etc. will provide content for that region. Much more content in the case of Netflix if you use a US proxy and LoveFilm access if you use a UK proxy.

For instructions on how to do this search the web for: American DNS or UK DNS.

Some Proxy/DNS/VPN Settings are free and some are paid like unotelly.

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